“Our mechanic will be quick to go to help you when your vehicle breaks down on the road, he is professional, knowledgeable and will do a great job. You will certainly recommend Santos Automotriz to anyone that has an emergency on the road and is seeking for a repair”.,


An engine is the systematic part of a machine capable of operating the system, transforming some kind of energy, into mechanical energy capable of performing a job. In automobiles this effect is a force that produces movement..


Transmission has the user interface engine separate, The user interface is the means by which the user can communicate with a machine, computer, device or device, and includes all points of contact between the user and the computer, which allows to be ported to different platforms easily,,


A differential fulfills the function of allowing the transmission of turning force to a pair of axes that do not rotate in solidarity, this serves to compensate the difference of meters that one wheel travels with the other in a curve.

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